Found out on the 29th, my last full day in Austria, that I was headed for Japan! Japan was my first choice out of Taiwan, Switzerland and Japan. Japanese will be tough, as I have less knowledge of the language than Chinese and German, but I will determine this new year to study very diligently.

I’ll fix this website later.

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One Response to Japan!

  1. Gene Garbowski says:

    Hey Katie, thanks for setting up this blog. Your mom sent me the link. I hope you don’t mind. write more when you get inspired because the little bit you wrote up till now brightened my day. I want to know more about Japanese culture. I asked your mom, before you left, to record some of your piano, but she didn’t. when you get older you’ll wish you had more stuff like piano recordings etc. to help you remember. right now you are living large, even though you might not think so, there will come a time when the memories will mean so much it’s undescribable. In the future, you’ll be greatly admired for your accomplishments, but helping people will be the thing you admire most about yourself.

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