6 more weeks!

I figured it’s about time I added a new post. I was going to wait until my friend made me a blog, but it seems that won’t be for a while. Anyway, I have lot’s of news.

First, I had a great time at the district orientation back in May. I spent the weekend at Camp Chingagook in Lake George. I met lovely outbounds (many to France and Brazil) and awesome inbounds (from Brazil, Romania, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, Indonesia and Russia). We did a lot of fun activities (rock climbing, canoeing, rope course, etc) and made lots of friends. There were a few lectures, but all very interesting to hear.

As I arrived, I met Mr. Dwyer, our district exchange chair, and he handed me my host family and city information. I only had about 5 minutes to look at it before my parent drove away to spent their weekend at the Green cottage. As soon as I got home, I looked up as much information as I could about my host city and school.

I will be living in Hachinohe in Aomori-ken. It is right on the north-eastern coast of Honshu, Japan’s main island. It has around 240,000 people and is a fishing city. So that means a lot of fish for me! Specialties include cuttlefish and scallops. Yum! The climate is pretty similar to that of Albany, so I won’t be missing out on snow!

I will be staying with the Tajima family. I sent them a fax, as they don’t have e-mail, but they have yet to respond. I don’t know if my Japanese is too terrible to understand or if they never got it (probably the second).

My school! Check it out if you know any Japanese. It is a private Catholic school called St. Ursula. It used to be all girls, but added boys a few years ago. So it is still like 90% girls. It is pretty small and they specialize in music and English. The uniforms look pretty nice. They have exchange students pretty often and classes for me. I probably won’t stand out at all (being half Japanese)!

Another piece of news is that I got my Rotary blazer! It fits me perfectly and the best part is that it traveled to New Zealand back in 1981! I owe my gratitude to my Aunt Megan and my grandparents for allowing me to use this blazer! Now I need to design some pins and business cards before I leave. I’ll also be sending out a letter to my relatives and friends, but that comes later.

I’ll add any news if I get a reply from my host family. My Japanese studies aren’t going as well as I’d like, but with some intense cramming, I hopefully will be able to be conversational before I leave. Just 6 more weeks! I start work tomorrow so that will keep me busy.

All the best!

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