Leaving this week!

3 more full days in Albany. Then off I go Friday morning to the airport and say goodbye to my family. Hopefully I’ll be with some other students on my flight from DC to Tokyo.
My friends threw me an awesome surprise going away/birthday party last week. I am really going to miss them!
Today I bought gifts for my future host families. I hope they will like them. I got a few books about New York, a lot of post cards, a calendar, some Dutch knick knacks and a few bottles of maple syrup.
I was able to talk to someone in my host club and they said they are going to be my next host family since my first planned host family didn’t work out. They have a dog and run a small animal clinic! How awesome is that? I can’t wait to meet them!
I am still packing, it is tough packing for a year. I hope to finish tonight or tomorrow.

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One Response to Leaving this week!

  1. Tom McGurn says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’ll bet you’re very excited. I know I’m jealous! Congratulations on the excellent grade on the AP Exam. Please keep in touch.

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