An Update

So much has happened I don`t know where to begin.

I changed host families a while ago and am now living with the Chiba family. Both of my host parents are veterinarians and I live above an animal clinic. They are always pretty busy so we always eat late at night. Their daughter is currently home for a week but will be leaving in a few days. We went hiking together on the beach, I hope to have some pictures up from that eventually.

About a week ago, I had an orientation for Rotary. There are 2 other Americans in my district, one attending my school and the other is in another city. We learned the basic rules and then had a chance to chat with some of the rebound students who had gone to America, Canada and Europe. Last Sunday, I went golfing with my Rotary club in Iwate-ken. Despite being really unskilled, it was pretty fun and afterwords I went to a classical concert of of my school friends was in.

I have found that the only classes I can actually understand and participate in, besides English, are math and chemistry. Math is pretty much the same as in America but they don`t use calculators at all. The exchange students (4 total) have cultural classes and Japanese together. Tea ceremony was really interesting, but there is so much to remember! I joined the Badminton club for an after school activity. They are really strong and we practice every day until around 7:00, meaning I don`t get home till around 8:00, which is about when my host family finishes work.

Tomorrow I have a field trip to an art museum and an aquarium. That should be fun.

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4 Responses to An Update

  1. Your Mom says:

    Whew! that sounds like a really packed schedule! Please take a teeny bit of time to breathe – once in a while. They have really nice zen gardens over there I hear. Love you! Mom and Dad and Cookie ^-^/” (woof)

  2. Terry Walton says:

    Happy 16th birthday!!! Your dad spoke a lot about you at our Tuesday night meeting.
    I will send your blog address to Julia so she can follow your adventures. She and Kazuko will be moving back to Albany in October.
    Ometeto gozaimus sp 😦
    Best Wishes

  3. katie girl! i miss you so much! i hate how the spaghettios don’t remember how much they love each other until you’re going abroad! well anyway, it sounds like you’re doing really well and i’m so happy that you’re loving everything! me and abby (and we’re trying to convince han and em too) are planning a trip to japan where we will see you and have a spaghettio reunion and it shall be a party. i love you and miss you and have so much fun and write me so i can write you back! :] ❤

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