Test Week

I changed host families for a week but moved back in with the Chiba`s last night. Lot of fun stuff happened, including attending a badmitton meet with people from all over Aomori, watching my host sister`s kendo tornament and my host brother`s judo tornament, going shopping with my host sister and her friend, visiting a bread/sweets factory run by a Rotary member (and bringing home a huge box of sweets!) and entering a Japanese class outside of school with other foreigners.

Between all thoses exciting events, I have spent hours studying my math textbook, translating all the kanji into English and then trying to memorize the kanji to be able to read the questions on the test. However, when I actually took the test, of course I instantly forgot most of it and could only complete about half the exam. I have another math test tomorrow, so hopefully I`ll be able to remember then. The English tests have been relatively easy, besides the translating English into Japanese. The example sentences are pretty funny, for example “I wish we could do more to help the children” and “We should learn more about ecology in order to save the environment”. Later today I have a chemistry exam which I hope to be able to answer a couple questions.

None of these tests count for anything, as my school in America refuses to accept any credits, but it feels good when you can actually answer questions in another language.

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One Response to Test Week

  1. Rachel says:

    I don’t know if this is relevant but since you are in 11 grade, you should be able to recieve 5 credits or something like that for the exchange program

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