This is really late and I`ve forgotten most of what I got but I think it`s funny anyway.

Math: 47 and 21, not bad for not being able to read most of the questions…In Japan, they don`t use calculators at all. So I`m learning how to do the stuff they taught us on graphing calculators in America by hand.

English: 76 (writing), 60 (reading) I got all of the English grammar correct but I couldn`t really do the translating English into Japanese.

Chemistry: 34, I came late in the semester so I could only answer 1/3 of the questions, and I couldn`t read most of the questions anyway.

Biology: I still haven`t gotten this back. I wrote the same word (脊索) for every question on the test, so I`m hoping at least one of them was right.

現代文 (modern Japanese): 5% I memorized a bunch of Kanji, but only 5 of them were on the test. For the rest of the questions I wrote 一生懸命 (for dear life) over and over again which made the teacher laugh.

I didn`t even bother taking 日本史 (history) or 古典 (old Japanese) as it was pure kanji and I can hardly even understand the class. I started taking world history and surprisingly I can understand most of it. One of the tests was about the Islamic world and I deciphered one of the questions and answered “モスク” (mosque) and it was right! That made my day, haha.

Next time I`ll write about my trip to むつ and 東京.

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2 Responses to Results

  1. Your Mom says:

    Jeez! I wish I could read all those Japanese characters. Good job. Love, Mom, Dad & Cookie

  2. Byard Clemmons says:

    Dear Katie, It sounds like you’re having quite an adventure!! What a wonderful experience for you, and good for you for taking this opportunity (and challenge)! I really enjoyed reading about some of the things that you have been doing and your thoughts. You have a great sense of humor and attitude! If you don’t remember, I am a friend of your father’s and we met at the Counseling Center Flea Market. I wish you continued blessings. Cheers, Byard

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