My 4 Host Families

I`ve already had 4 host families, and will have at least 2 more before I return home. 3 of them were only for a short time, but I got to experience 4 different lifestyles.


Host #1
Sugawara Family

I stayed with them for my first week in Japan. My older host sister Mikiko (19) is a college student in Tokyo but was home for that week. She took me to see Salt (where I pointed out Albany when it came into view) and took purikura for the first time. They gave me a tour of Hachinohe and helped me get adjusted to Japan and school. Right before I changed families, we went to Kappa Sushi, a conveyer belt sushi resteraunt which was a lot of fun.

Host #2
Chiba Family

My second and also my current host family. My host parents are both veterinarians and run an animal clinic. I live in the second floor, above the animal hospital but I go through the clinic everyday when I return from school. They have 4 big dogs they keep outside, and 1 small dog, Tagosaku, who is very naughty and always knocks over the trash cans. My host brother, Mei (23), and host sister, Rei (20), are both university students so I don`t see them very often. Rei came home for a week during the summer and we went hiking together.

Host #3
Nakamichi family

I stayed with them for a week when the Chibas went on vacation to Jordan and Syria, and then for another 2 days when they went to a funeral. My 2 host brothers, Kinosuke (18) and Minofune (12), and my host sister, Koto (15), all had really busy schedules, and I got to see my host sister`s kendo tournament and my younger host brother`s judo tournament. I stayed with them during the week before test week, so they really helped me study and such. I really enjoyed having a lot of host siblings and I could really experience a Japanese family life.

Host #4
Hayashi family

I stayed with them for about a week when the Chibas went to a wedding. I had 2 younger host sisters, Miori (15) and Akari (10), and an older host brother, Tatsuya (19). I went with them to their calligraphy class and we completed a puzzle together (which had to have 1 piece missing). I also went to see a movie with my two host sisters and later took purikura. I really enjoyed staying with them.

I`ll correct and add more stuff when I remember. I have a post half done on Mutsu and Tokyo which I`ll finish later.

Next week I`m going on my school trip! Nagasaki, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka here I come!

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One Response to My 4 Host Families

  1. Your Mom says:

    Thanks Katie for this great report! We are so happy to see the families with whom you have been staying. You look great! BTW everybody, we checked on the meaning of purikura and it means Photo Booth pictures. Sounds fun! (We hear some people in Japan are addicted to purikura)
    Love the naughty doggie. Have a blast on your school trip!
    Mom, Dad & Cookie ^-^ “/” (arf)

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